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Enhance every treatment with stem cell therapies.

From saggy jowls to lumpy legs loaded with cellulite, our stem cell therapies treat it!

85% of men and 33% of women suffer hair loss. Our hair restoration stem cells are changing hairlines.

Get the very best results by pairing our stem cells with our Procell microchanneling devices.

Stunning Before and After Pictures

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  • Procell Hair Collection

    Procell Therapies hair serum and aftercare can work wonders to regrow hair follicles

    Procell Hair Regrowth 
  • Procell Medical Grade Collection

    MD is Procell Therapies top of the line product that give award winning results

    MD Collection 
  • Procell Professional Grade Collection

    Procell Therapies base line products that give stunning results

    PRO Collection 
  • Procell device Tips

    Procell Therapies device tips come in 3 sizes Percision, Face and Body

    Procell Microchanneling Tips 
  • Procell Microchanneling Device

    Procell Therapies offers MD and PRO devices

    Procell Microchanneling device 
  • Aesthetician's choice Dermascope awards

    Procell has won the Aesthetician's choice Dermascope awards multiple times

    Winner of derma scope award 
  • How It Works

    Visit this link to see the science behind Procells revoutionary Micro channeling process


How Microchanneling Works